A Historical Short Story

It all started while thumbing through pictures of teacups on Ebay two summers ago. The heading on one caught my attention: “A hidden lady….” Of course I was intrigued! Who doesn’t want to be privy to something such as this? I thought the lady would be somewhere in the design, when, alas, she was actually hidden at the bottom of the teacup. Though not totally unnoticeable, it could be quite exciting when an otherwise “regular” teacup held an unexpected secret revealed when the delicious tea had been drained and the light was right.

My introduction to the lithophane had been made.

Not all lithophanes are “proper”, if you know what I mean, but many are. These exquisite, dimensional pictures and even scenes capture the eye, and, of course, can even tell a story. I had to write something about a lithophane. Wanting to dip my toe into the pool of penning historical fiction, I married the two for a short story, A Lady for Doctor Chadwick.  Head on over to my “Short Stories” page or click here>>>>A Lady for Doctor Chadwick, if you’d like to read it.


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