A Lesson From Two Pennies

I was sorting through pennies last week when I came across these. Both were minted in Denver in 1988. Both started out fresh and shiny and beautiful. One obviously has had a rough time of it, and the other has fared reasonably well. I wonder why? Whose hands did they pass through? Where have they been? Why is the one on the right so chewed and scarred?

Aren’t these pennies like people? Some people have a tough life either by their own doing (like hanging out with the wrong crowd, being lazy, or becoming a drug addict) or because of circumstances (like due to the death of a parent or spouse). Others seem to skate through life with relatively few difficulties.

Just like the two pennies, both types of people have equal worth. In God’s eyes, no one is too worn or dirty to not be able to receive eternal life, and┬ájust because someone looks good, it doesn’t mean they are on their way to heaven! Both need to be washed in Christ’s atoning blood and in order to shine as true treasures for Him. Yes, some may still bear terrible scars left over from the past, but–unlike a penny–they have the hope and promise of a new body for all eternity.


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