A Love Letter

Though I have two books waiting for me on my Kindle app, I prefer holding a book in my hand (besides, my favorite place to read is in the bathtub–a dangerous place for my iPhone). I have books stacked about waiting their turn to have center stage, even if for just a short time, in my busy life.

In this day of texts and emails, I keep reminding my kids about the importance of tangible, written books and correspondence–like a short, handwritten note instead of just a verbal “thank you”, for example.

Something I hope won’t dwindle with the existence of the daily newspaper is the love letter. My husband and I wrote love letters back and forth between Wisconsin and Maine before we married (yes, I still have his tied in a ribbon in my cedar chest). Today we may send each other quick “I love you.” texts, but once in awhile a handwritten note is necessary. Drumming the need for love letters–an important part, I think, of a budding relationship–into my two teenagers head’s has been met with blank stares and “Oh, okay, mom.” responses.

This love note was written by grandfather to my grandmother a few years before they married, and I think it’s priceless. Its existence helped reinforce my words to my kids, and I hope you can see the value of a love letter for not just now but also for posterity’s sake.



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