Book Review–The Tunnels Under our Feet

I purchased the book, The Tunnels Under our Feet by Tracy Beach, for research for my upcoming novel (notice the sticky tabs!). I couldn’t get the book through the library and couldn’t find any other non-fiction books specifically about tunnels, so I ordered this through Amazon. (You can purchase a copy of this book HERE).

The author researches tunnels specifically in towns in Colorado. She follows stories and rumors and includes black and white pictures (though I would have loved colored pictures). She describes not just the tunnels themselves but about their other aspects including entrances, grates, vault lights, etc. I like that she gives a little bit of historical background to the towns the tunnels are in and tries to give the historical explanations as best as she can as to why they existed and how they were used. So many of the tunnels however have unfortunately been lost or damaged due to age and urban renewal.

I gave the book  four stars on Goodreads and Amazon. I’d love it if she researched other tunnels in other places. After reading her book, I now make a point to look at sidewalks in old towns to see if I can see vault crystals and/or light grates. On a recent trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, I saw these gorgeous grates. I love the different colors of the glass. They were so old! I looked through the grate where a crystal was missing to the passageway below. Wouldn’t you love to go through the tunnels of Edinburgh? I would!

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