Seeing One’s Potential

In From Shards to Sea Glass the protagonist, Claire, held a teacup decorated with pinecones and tassels and saw it as more than just a vessel to sip tea from–she saw potential that doubtless no one previously had even considered.  If she had been able to act upon her idea, the teacup would have retained enough of its original qualities to be recognized, but it would have been transformed into something lovely and perhaps seen and enjoyed by more than the Soames’ and their guests.

When you look at things–most notably people–do you go beyond merely looking? Do you actually see them for who they are and what they could be? I’m grateful God sees beyond our sin nature to our potential for Him and provides opportunities for us to accept Him as Saviour. Those who have repented of their sins and accepted God’s free gift of salvation are still the same people but have been transformed into someone different, someone better. And further yet, those who have accepted this free gift but have strayed, He sends trials and people into their path to help them regain the joy of doing right and serving Him.

We look at people every day, but rarely do we see them as people who need to know about the beauty of inner peace they could have through God’s saving grace. May we be ever mindful that we can act by engaging in conversation, by praying for someone, but passing out a piece of gospel literature. Their transformation–their potential for joy and eternity in heaven–may be totally dependent upon us.

Crowd photo by Artur Kraft on Unsplash

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