Judging a Book By Its Cover

Yes, I’m one of those.

If I don’t know anything about the taste or the quality of the ingredients, I will choose a jar of jam with an attractive label over one that doesn’t have one. And the prettier it is the faster my hand will reach to grab it off the shelf. Having a complete and positive experience on as many levels possible is important even when only one eye is open enough to spread jam on a humble piece of toast in the morning.

I learned that for the most part publishers choose book covers for authors. Ah ha! That explains why so many Christian novels I’ve seen lately all look basically the same! If a person puts months and in my case years into a novel, they really should have a huge part in the cover design.

That is the nice thing about self publishing. I’ve taken the picture for my novel and guarantee it will not be like any other. No, it will not be deceptive. Rest assured it will convey the essence of the story quite well.

And do you want to know a secret? Should I tell you? Why not? While reading the book, you will discover that the cover will have more meaning than being just a unique and beautiful cover.

That’s like having a jar of jam with not just a beautiful label but that also tastes delicious and is good for you.


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