Looking Back and Looking Ahead

I was thinking back over the past year, and it has really been quite a year. I think the biggest thing has been the transition from being a writer to an author.  From Shards to Sea Glass had been in the works for over four years, and this year it was published. Praise the Lord for His help writing it and completing it!

This year for the first time I wrote short stories and entered them into contests. I tried my hand at several pieces of flash fiction and entered them into contests as well. A year ago I didn’t even know what flash fiction was (For those of you who don’t know, it’s a very brief work of fiction of only a few hundred words or less that tells a story complete with plot and characters–and sometimes written within a short period of time). I went to a writers’ conference, have done research for my next novel and written the first few chapters, wrote my first real poem, and have written and submitted a few magazine articles (will let you know if any are accepted). All of this has been squeezed in between homeschooling my two high schoolers and running an Etsy shop.

So….despite the distractions I know I’ll face in the year ahead…

…I’m hoping to finish much of the research for my new novel and get the bulk of it written, enter at least three short story contests and more flash fiction contests, submit at least three magazine articles, and read more books (one a month would be a lofty goal for me!). I’m excited for the year ahead and look forward to striving toward reaching these goals.


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