Seeing 20/20 in 2020

Having “20/20 vision” is more accurately stated as having “20/20 visual acuity,” or how sharp my vision is at reading a Snellen eye chart from 20 feet away. If I can read a certain line at this distance I have a normal sharpness of vision.

The year 2020 makes me wonder…

How sharply are my eyes focused on God going into the new year?

Though my physical eyesight is certainly important, it isn’t nearly as important as the clarity of my spiritual eyesight. This past year has been a tough one for me on many different levels. Yes, there have been good times. Yes, I have had amazing blessings. However, I’m thankful that a year ago I felt hopeful and optimistic for the year ahead and couldn’t see the trials God had waiting for me just over the threshold of 2019. Perhaps God doesn’t want us to see our physical future so that we can blindly step into the fogs of life trusting Him to get us through each one.

When my life ahead is darkened by trials and the path is choked with the dense fogs of discouragement and despair, I pray I will always look to what is consistently intense, sharp, and clear–the Bible and all the promises and truths it holds and the assurance that God is with me, hand outstretched, every step of the way. Like Peter after he had ventured out onto the stormy waves, how easily and quickly I tend to get my eyes off the Lord and onto the circumstances swirling around me.  I don’t know what is ahead in 2020, but I wish to resolve to pray more and focus on trusting God to guide me through every difficulty. Only in Him and with Him can I possibly have hope and direction and peace.


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