The Romantic and the Book of Ruth

I love the book of Ruth. When I come to it in my Bible reading, I always try to read it all in one sitting. The historic, prophetic, and spiritual lessons are numerous, and other than its obvious account of the lineage of King David and the establishment of Bethlehem as the birthplace of the future Messiah, it’s a picture of Jesus’s love for, acceptance of, and “marriage” to His Gentile bride, the church.

The emotions in the book are compelling:  the overwhelming sadness of Naomi, the unwavering love of Ruth for her mother-in-law and her determination  as she follows Naomi and toils faithfully to gather barley to feed them, the unmistakable admiration, protection, and love of Boaz. The book is beautiful from the first verse to the last, and let’s face it…it’s romantic!

“Romantic” means different things to different people and can stem two extremes–from obscene  to  a simple head nod–with much in between. It would be hard to find two people who could agree totally on what their definition of romance is and/or what level of romance in a movie or book is appropriate. Many upon hearing the word “romance” either roll their eyes or think of it as being raunchy. It doesn’t have to be! It can be clean and engaging. We are responsible to God for own hearts and minds in what we place before our eyes, and as a writer I’m not just responsible for myself but for others in the words I pen.  Trust me, it can be difficult to find the proper balance between what is romantic and appealing and what is better not said or implied.

Obviously our Creator wrote the proper balance in the book of Ruth and may we take inspiration from it in what we read and write for pure and appealing romance.


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