Why did I start writing?

Great question! For years I was never that interested in being a writer. True, my teachers enjoyed some things I wrote in high school. True, I feel more comfortable writing a letter or sending an email to phoning or even carrying on a conversation with someone. Yes, homeschooling my children helped refresh my grammar skills…but writing?

Reading is essential to being a good writer. Though I love reading, I always considered it a luxury. It was not something I took a great deal of time doing especially while having an online craft and vintage resale business, keeping our home running smoothly, and rearing and teaching my children. I remember telling people how I could never carry a thought through to the end of a novel let alone weave in subplots and have it all make sense in the end.

Then I bought a beautiful Victorian autograph book at an antique mall. It dated from the 1880’s, and the following entry forever changed my mind.

“We may write our  names in albums__We may trace them in the sand__We may chisel them in marble__With a firm and skillful hand__But the pages soon are sullied__And inscriptions fade away__Every monument will crumble__As all earthly hopes decay__But dear brother there is an album__Full of leaves of snowy white__Where no name is ever tarnished__But forever pure and bright__In that Book of Life–God’s album__May your name be penned with care__And may all who here have written__Write their names forever there__Your Sister Meta Wood”

Its profound and truthful message stirred me deeply. I showed it to several people, and it spoke to them as well. The lady who penned it obviously wanted to be blessing and testimony to all who signed the album and read her entry. How many people have read it over the years? She probably had no idea what a blessing….what an inspiration!…it would be well over 100 years later in 2016 when I read it.

How powerful the written word is! I thought perhaps…just perhaps I too could write something  that would glorify God. How humbling it would be to write something meaningful that would last until the Lord returns and be read by people who will either need its message or get a blessing from it.  Someday in heaven I can’t wait to tell Meta how her meaningful poem planted not only the seeds for From Shards to Sea Glass but the seeds for my writings to come.

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